Vicom & Cisco Umbrella

Keep your users safe and secure while working from home

Keep your Remote Users Safe, Secure and Productive with Cisco Umbrella

We all know there is a vast increase in the number of people needing to work from home due to COVID-19, and now that they are, firms need to ensure that their users can work as securely and productively as they would from their offices. 


While there are many solutions available to improve enterprise security posture, many are too time-consuming or require significant capital and operational expenses.  Others are less demanding, need fewer operational changes, and can be enabled quickly—this is where Cisco Umbrella can help.


Cisco Umbrella delivers a secure, reliable, and fast internet experience for remote workers by unifying firewalls, secure web gateways, DNS-layer security, Cloud Access Security Broker's (CASB), and threat intelligence into a single platform.  It helps businesses of all sizes secure their networks and can be deployed in under an hour.


Vicom can help you deploy Cisco Umbrella with a 90-day free trial (usually 14 days) that will help you and your team overcome the challenges that COVID-19 has brought by keeping users safe, secure, and productive while working from home.

Vicom hosted a webinar on Cisco Umbrella to help organizations understand what Cisco Umbrella is and, most importantly, how it can help firms with users that need to work remotely from home.  It can be found here.

You can contact us, and we can help you with Cisco Umbrella right away.  You can reach us at 631-694-3900 x 342 or [email protected] or simply fill out the form below.