Professional and Managed Services

Professional Services to help your technology meet business goals.  Managed Services to make sure it continues to do so

Professional Services for all of your IT needs

Vicom knows that every business is unique. That's why our very first step is to meet with you to define your organization's specific goals, challenges, requirements, and desired outcomes. Our Professional Services offer our customers a wide range of experience and expertise to identify common problems and concerns and gives guidance to best meet these.

Receive a consultation and assessment to understand business goals and requirements

Maintenance and support for IT environments to maximize uptime and reduce time to problem resolution

Design and implementation with best in field Vicom engineers and vendor best practices

Professional Services

Vicom began providing Professional Services during our days as a traditional Value Added Reseller of hardware. As such, our first Professional Services offerings were focused on the configuration and integration of data center hardware such as servers, storage, and networking. During the last decade, our Professional Services offerings have expanded dramatically to include virtualization, security, disaster recovery, and other consulting services. While our service offerings have evolved to meet our clients’ needs, we have never lost our focus as a core data center technology partner. As part of our continued commitment to improve IT efficiency, our Professional Services solutions are comprised of the following key areas:

  • Networks

  • Compute

  • Storage

  • Virtualization & Software Defined

  • Services

  • Security

  • Data Protection

  • Cloud Service Automation

  • Consulting

IT Architecture

We value and view every client relationship as a partnership, our first priority is client satisfaction. Our highly seasoned team understands the pressures experienced by IT leaders and departments today. The goal is to enable our clients to develop and customize practical and efficient IT solutions that are relevant to their IT architecture. We work closely with you to define your architectural design in a language your IT leaders can understand, and with outcomes that serve your business needs more fully and efficiently. Let us collaborate with you to create and develop an improved IT architecture. We focus on these core facets of your IT infrastructure and more:

  • Data Centers and Infrastructure overall

  • Servers and Storage

  • Networks

  • Cloud and Management Solutions

  • Security and Staffing

  • Professional Services and more

Our Methdology

Vicom has over 35 years of experience delivering consistent and superior services with a repeatable and dependable methodology. We use a five-step process that leverages every project and differentiates us from other vendors. Our process includes:

  • Consult & Assess

  • Architect & Design

  • Implement & Migrate

  • Manage & Support

  • Staffing


Vicom wants to make sure that we understand your business requirements and goals. We determine the needs of the organization, collecting empirical data about our customer's IT environment with a detailed assessment. Some of the categories included in the assessment are listed below. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for an assessment with our professional services team.

  • Data Centers and Infrastructure overall

  • Servers and Storage

  • Networks

  • Cloud and Management Solutions

  • Security and Staffing

  • Professional Services and more


Vicom provides a roadmap as well as architecture workshops to help meet current customer needs and identify future needs. Our workshops provide the high level strategic knowledge to keep your employees up to date with technology, trends, and directions.

  • Technology roadmap discussions

  • Product roadmap discussions

  • Vendor-neutral industry analysis

  • Greenfield/white-space data center redesign

Project Management

Vicom has long engaged its own internal project management office to help ensure the success of our IT projects. Many of our clients have utilized our PMI/ITIL certified project managers, to ensure projects remain on track, tasks are moving towards completion, and everyone involved is kept accountable. Our services also include:

  • IT & Technology Projects

  • New IT Projects

  • Off-Track Project

  • Technology Infrastructure


We help you to design the most ideal infrastructure solution, leveraging our 98 world class partnerships. A well designed backbone infrastructure will provide the appropriate pathways, spaces, facilities, and technologies to allow for easy changes and provide for growth, utilizing the existing Infrastructure as the underlying resource for any required modifications. Our goal is to design an adaptable physical infrastructure maximizing the effective space utilization of all of your Technology areas within the facility to accommodate today's ever changing needs as well as the demands for future expansion or reconfiguration of your facilities using Vicom's sound IT Infrastructure design & planning principles.

  • Design the layout and manage the installation of all of your critical technology spaces

  • Determine facility and space considerations during the design process

  • Review existing infrastructure, solutions, and applications currently in place

  • Consider transition time frames and any potential issues


We help you to plan everything out, in terms of you how you are going to implement it so that your organization experiences the least amount of downtime, with the least associated costs. Based on the recommendations of the assessment, our IT architects will design a flexible, efficient IT infrastructure that is both customized to your business requirements and representative of new age technologies and industry trends. The process begins with an architectural design and bill of materials, and transitions through the services scoping process, with a letter of understanding, statement of work, and finally a project plan. By the end of this phase, you will have a clear understanding of the proposed design, how it would impact business, steps required to get the project completed, and costs.

  • Determine the needs of both the business and technical representatives

  • Continue to collect empirical data about the IT environment through various assessment tools

  • Provide you with a clear understanding of the design plans and related costs

  • Discuss any potential risks or impacts to your business and all the steps required to complete the project


We help you to implement your IT solutions flawlessly. Vicom's IT experts continually strive to be the best in their field, receiving the same training as deployment engineers from the various technology partners. We deploy our solutions according to vendor best practices, with the added benefits of real-world experience with multi-vendor solutions and hands-on experience in matching deployment strategies to individual client scenarios. Project management is critical to successful deployment, as is following our documented best practices methodologies. For any project of significant scope, we assign a Project Manager as the client’s primary point-of-contact during the engagement. In addition, with a wide and deep bench of engineering talent, Vicom engineers always have access to experts in any technology area that we encounter during client deployments.

  • Assign a project manager as your primary point of contact

  • Ensure your environment is in the most optimal state before, during, and after implementation

  • Extend the efficiencies of our provided architecture and solution sets to other areas of your infrastructure

  • Our trained IT architects and engineers will make recommendations in areas other than simply those of the project at hand


We help you manage your solutions to ensure that the goals and objectives within your IT department and organization are always met. Vicom partners with the best technology vendors in the industry to assist you in determining the right management strategy to quickly respond to changing demands. This process will free up your internal IT resources for higher-value business support and allow you to put IT budget dollars toward efforts that advance your business. As Cloud and other management solutions become mainstream, they enable organizations to extend services, solutions, and information to more people. Let our IT architects work with you to develop a cloud or management solution that aligns with your business strategies, leverages your existing technologies, and allows your company to benefit most.

  • Allows you to run multiple operating systems and management applications across the same server at the same time

  • Enable you to reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization and flexibility of existing hardware

  • Ensure that as your business grows, you remain flexible to evolve your products and processes, and the ability to incorporate other technologies over time

  • Provide ecosystem support for enterprise management solutions

  • Provide education and training to ensure that you understand how to maximize your technology investments