Running Your Own Private Cloud Efficiently

Pool all your computing, networking, and storage solutions readily and easily by building your own private cloud environment. Time-to-Value is far quicker than you think when you use validated architectures from IBM and Cisco to skip the laborious design phases.  Get your cloud up there and delivering results in record time with VersaStack.

A Silver Lining All Your Own!

For the longest time many people thought that “cloud computing” meant that the resources were all somewhere else, somewhere other than their own premises. Many weren’t quite sure where they were, but it wasn’t “here.”

But it turns out that’s not the case at all. “Cloud” simply refers to a “lighter” computing model where users rise above the confinements of worrying about the infrastructure at all.  Instead, they simply ask for the resources they need when they need them and the cloud system does the rest.  Fully automated, the system taps into its large pool of resources dynamically assigning them as needed, retrieving them when done, and making them available to other users.

Kind of like rain evaporating and returning to the clouds so they can make more rain for someone else.

The “Usual” Way Overcomes the Objective

One of the challenges companies have faced in deploying their own cloud computing solutions is in the fundamental design and deployment of their solution. In many cases, they don’t build in enough automation to properly provision and orchestrate all of the resources without IT staff intervention.  The idea behind “self-service” computing is to eliminate the excessive cost of having staff involved so much.

Companies also invest heavily in researching, selecting, connecting, integrating, testing, and ultimately managing the systems they create. When the business grows and it’s time to scale the homespun cloud they literally go back to the drawing board and spend much more time figuring out how and where they can add components to expand the capabilities and capacities of their solution.

Do What Works!

As talented and experienced as any particular company’s IT department may be, it’s hard to imagine anyone matching the depth of experience and knowledge shared between the teams at IBM and Cisco that came together to create VersaStack!

Based on Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) Integrated Infrastructure, the VersaStack Cloud solution combines UCS with Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches, IBM Storwize V7000 Unified Storage, and the Cisco UCS Director to bring it all together under a singular management platform.

It works. The result of this proven, validated architecture is a cloud system that is easy to deploy, automate, and manage.  This means quick deployment, fast time-to-value, and truly automated self-service computing for your users.

Right for Users, Right for You

VersaStack is designed for economy, ease-of-use, and ready scalability. It uses tiered storage that puts high-demand data into solid-state flash storage for rapid access, reserving less-expensive conventional storage for data that remains dormant for longer periods.  It’s easily managed by your IT staff using Cisco UCS Director to keep all resources pooled without compromising data security.  Delivery of results is accelerated from weeks to minutes.   For more information about VersaStack, contact us.