Rapidly, Responsively Scale Out Your Data Center

Eliminating silos and creating a unified, virtualized data environment helps make everything more efficient. Pretested, validated architectures make it easier to create the scale-on-demand environment your users need.

The Best and Worst of IT Investments

The investments you most enjoy making are those that are required to respond to new business opportunities so you can maximize your profitability while also optimizing customer satisfaction.

The ones you don’t enjoy are those investments you need to make in order to make things work together that should be working together in the first place, but don’t. Your finance department’s data system just won’t interface well with your manufacturing division, or sales and marketing.  You need them to, so now you need to spend more to make that happen.

It’s All About Scaling to Adapt to Opportunity

You scale systems up when you need more capacity to accommodate more volume. More volume of data, more transactions created by more business that generates more revenue.

You scale down when you achieve greater efficiencies, reducing the resources required to produce greater results.

You scale out as you diversify and add new functionality requiring more diverse compute resources.

You scale to adapt to emerging opportunities. Your ability to scale and adapt contributes heavily to how much your business will benefit from these opportunities.

Scaling Without Failing

We’ve already discussed what happens when different departments each develop their own system solutions. Each creates their own silos of data, their own siloed solutions, separate and apart from the wheels being invented in other departments. When interoperability becomes necessary, it’s only by happenstance, hard work, much time, and great good luck that it can be achieved.

The challenge for top management is often in choosing between system designs to identify the standard that everyone else must adapt to. This is only the first step in a long sequence of expensive modifications with limited certainty of success.

Or they can choose to standardize all operations around proven solutions and validated architectures from two giants of the IT industry that have been working together for over 15 years. Their experience in jointly guiding emerging technology transitions have helped over 25,000 companies enjoy the benefits of innovative, fully validated system solutions while dramatically reducing their risk.

It’s Called VersaStack

The two giants are IBM and Cisco, two of the most venerable names in the information technology industry. They have jointly developed the VersaStack Solution for Data Center Scale Out, a highly cost-effective unified approach to scaling data center infrastructure, capacity, and capability.  Have your IT management team review the VersaStack for Data Center comprehensive technology overview, and they’ll come back telling you it’s an intelligent approach that uses validated architectures to deliver the kind of consistency, reliability, and growth capacity you need.

Vicom and VersaStack

You need to know that VersaStack delivers the computing, network, and storage flexibility to allow you to take fullest advantage of every opportunity, and the best way to see for yourself is to contact us.