From the Desk of the SDM: Post Implementation Support Done Right

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

From the Desk of Vicom's Service Delivery Manager (SDM), Wayne Keicher:

Organizations that have bought into the necessity of professional services are also starting to realize the added benefit of post implementation support. The natural progression of having subject matter experts perform specialized services, is to have operational transition support and knowledge transfer baked into every implementation agreement.

In today’s vast and ever changing IT Infrastructure environments, organizations need to be fully capable of adapting to and adopting the DITL (Day In The Life) of the implemented solutions. This is why the topic of Post Implementation Support continues to be of grave interest to our clients.

You may have a drivers license, but can you hop into a formula 1 car and attack the street circuit without the proper instruction, shadowing, best practices and pit crew? Can you expect your IT staff to to acquire that skill strictly from documentation? Can your business risk the potential damage that may cause? Not to mention miss out on the potential best practices for efficient use of your shiny new vehicle.

Post implementation support can be defined by the depth and complexity of the implementation. Factors such as the level and availability of in-house expertise will drive the type of support required and define the duration. There are a variety of support types including block of hours, dedicated support, remote administration and of course longer term support engagements . Despite the support commitment required, all support engagements should include purpose built deliverables that will provoke and ensure your team are qualified to drive.

Deliverables come in many standard forms at Vicom. A defined set of Knowledge transfer sessions, IT Support shadowing, Automation, Custom Reporting and Standard Operating Procedure documentation to best transition the service to your IT staff.

There’s really no room for an “Out of the frying pan into the fire” mentality when it comes to your IT infrastructure.

Wayne Keicher

Service Delivery Manager