Optimize Business Continuity and Flexible Infrastructure with IBM Spectrum Storage

Digital transformation is a crucial factor, with leading brands continuing to pursue digital innovation and disrupting established industries in the process. The ability to understand and leverage consumer behavior and exceed business initiatives continues to be a driving force for businesses today. However, challenges typically arise in the data center, along the digital transformation path.

The continued increase of data, the growing sophistication of hackers and cybercrime, and the changing environment is putting more and more stress on the data center. Businesses can’t afford to lose valuable time and data due to slow running servers or threats from both inside and outside. The key to navigating today’s business landscape is ensuring that your system is not only able to sustain programs and applications when a server is down, but that you’re able to get back up and running quickly, with no issues.

Why business continuity and flexible infrastructure? To ‘keep calm and carry on’, as they say, businesses need to be proactive and not reactive when challenges or issues arise. Organizations should be prepared when they strike instead of after the fact. This is the key concept of business continuity. You may have heard this term before, but what exactly is business continuity?

Business Continuity enables business leaders to continue running even when a disaster strikes; this can mean anything from a hard drive failing, to a malicious attack, to an actual natural disaster. When a part of the system is down, employees and staff don’t need to halt productivity while waiting for the system to come back online. Paired with flexible infrastructure – the ability to restore, access, and grow the data center as innovations come out – organizations can focus on meeting business objectives instead of trying to catch up to their competitors.

But approaching and leveraging business continuity and flexible infrastructure isn’t just throwing solutions together and hoping they work cohesively. Implementing the right tools and solutions is critical to building and improving IT operations and meeting your business initiatives. And with the number of programs, applications, and dashboards, IT professionals need to be able to manage and administer the data center in an easy and simplified way.

Enter IBM Spectrum Storage Suite The problem with the traditional form of storage is its inability to be responsive, adaptive, and flexible. Data has grown exponentially – in 2017, there were approximately 2.7 zettabytes of data and that number is expected to grow to 44 zettabytes by 2020.

The updated IBM Spectrum Storage suite was built to deliver new, agile ways to store data, helping businesses prepare for new demands and workloads, as well as simplify the infrastructures, cut costs, and gain more opportunities for business value. The suite contains six platforms for IT managers and staff monitor systems:

• IBM Spectrum Control with analytics-driven data management to reduce costs by 50% • IBM Spectrum Protect to optimize data protection by reducing backup costs by 38% • IBM Spectrum Archive for fast data retention to reduce TCO for active archive data by 90% • IBM Spectrum Virtualize for the virtualization of mixed environment to store 5x more data • IBM Spectrum Accelerate for enterprise cloud storage deployment in minutes • IBM Spectrum Scale for high performance, highly scalable unstructured data storage

All of these platforms work to give IT pros a single point of control, regardless of physical, virtual, software-defined, or cloud environments with a simple dashboard interface to view all network systems and infrastructure.

Partner with the right people Working with an experienced partner will provide your organization the tools to optimize your data center infrastructure. Vicom has over 30 years of technical experience, working with clients of all sizes, in every industry. We provide comprehensive data protection and availability solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization to ensure business continuity and flexible infrastructure.

Our solutions cover HA/DR, disaster recovery design and implementation, point in time copies for local recovery, best practices methodologies, business resiliency, and more – designed for both physical and virtual server environments.

In an age where data center challenges are increasing every day, businesses need to be prepared against attacks and disruptions. Business continuity and flexible infrastructure allow for organizations to avoid costly down time and disrupted productivity; partnering with a premier technology solutions provider, like Vicom, can help build up the foundation of your IT infrastructure, so your organization is prepared for new technology innovations in the market.

If you would like to learn more about these solutions or have questions about business continuity and creating a flexible infrastructure, please give us a call today at 631-694-3900 or contact us.

Greg Powe