Improving Application Delivery with a Truly Unified Platform

Whether you run your applications on-premise or in the cloud, or both, learn more about the best way to deploy applications and middleware without having to constantly re-invent the wheel.  Learn about Pure Application for VersaStack.

The strength, durability, and reliability of anything you build is dependent upon its foundation.  This is as true for the systems you depend upon to run your business as it is for anything else.

Fast and Furious

The rapid advance of software technologies, with new platforms, programs, and tools being introduced all the time, may be the greatest driver of business growth, but it is also certainly one of our greatest challenges.

New products and platforms with new names emerge almost daily.  Hadoop, Docker, Chef, Spark, Milk, Heat and others may all hold great value for your enterprise, but only if you can put them to productive work.  For that you need a solid foundation for them.

Rock-Solid Foundations from Rock-Solid Providers

You need a foundation that will allow you to develop applications faster, prototype and test them faster and with more certainty, then distribute and deploy them where they are needed without creating repetitive and time-consuming additional work. You need this agility as much on-premise as you do in the cloud.

Speed – To remain competitive you need to accelerate the delivery of these applications to go from test to production in minutes, not months.

Cost – As important as speed is the need to reduce costs through simplification of processes and automation of as much of the process as possible.

Risk – The faster you move, and the more you try to reduce costs, the likelier it is that your risks will rise.  You can’t afford this.  You need faster, lower-cost, and reduced risk all in one platform.

Who else could provide that but the giants?  IBM and Cisco teamed up to answer these needs, and the result is called PureApplication running on VersaStack.

PureApplication is a software application platform designed to make it far faster and much easier to deploy applications and middleware repeatedly to various parts of your organization without re-inventing wheels each time.  Move from on-premise to the cloud.  Move between data centers, or between clouds.  Move the application to where it needs to be quickly, inexpensively, and effectively.

VersaStack is the underlying hardware platform that most effectively enables PureApplication.  Built using fully validated architectures that combine Cisco’s celebrated end-to-end solution, the Unified Computing Platform (UCS) with IBM StorWize V5000, V7000, and FlashSystem V9000, VersaStack is easily ordered, purpose-built, fully configured and ready for immediate deployment.  Cisco UCS Director unifies management of the entire VersaStack solution in one pane of glass.

Turn to Vicom for PureApplication and VersaStack

Vicom customers who are taking fullest advantage of the constant emergence of new software platforms and tools are those who have built the right foundation first.  With consulting help from Vicom they have put PureApplication and VersaStack to work for them and have seen amazing increases in agility that produce bottom line results.

Learn how you too can join this elite community.  Build your VersaStack and PureApplication foundation with guidance from Vicom.  Call today to learn more.