Cloud Service Management & Automation

Manage, Automate and Predictive Analytics of your data center and cloud and multi-cloud environments

Effective Enterprise Management

You've got increasing demands and your team is requiring you to go in more directions than possible, making you question what you can do to manage your environment more efficiently, and experience less downtime related to maintenance and management. Our IT experts help enterprises effectively manage all of their technologies with our Operations Management solution. We offer a true management dashboard, with full scale report and performance monitoring. Other aspects include but are not limited to the following:


Availability and performance monitoring of all items within the IT enterprise—Manager of Managers


Dashboard & single pane of glass for events and alerts from all tools


Event correlation and consolidation


Application dependency discovery mapping


Infuse AI to your IT Operations for Multi-Cloud Management

Are you looking to automate policy enforcement across cloud environments to reduce custom coding, multiple software packages, and in-house-developed "glue" to achieve successful governance?  IBM NOI and Cloud Paks can help.  Download our presentation that discusses it in detail here. 

Optimize with Enterprise IT Operations Management

Vicom has found that organizations are looking for methods to aggregate their current solutions into a single consolidated management platform. Our IT Optimization solution merges software, technology, and services to help manage and optimize your data center environments. We work with the best-of-breed solution providers to select appropriate software and technology, integrating them with Vicom’s comprehensive services and support.

Let our experts provide for your IT operations management needs. Our hardened experts are prudent in the process of managing the day-to-day IT infrastructure including managing the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of the computing, networking and application environment. IT operations management is critical for IT organizations that are responsible for efficiently delivering high-quality services and applications in support of the digital business. Our modern approach to IT operations management supports both traditional IT infrastructure management and the fast moving, cloud-based services on which the business relies. We focus on optimizing capacity to control cost and minimize risk and smart, data-driven decisions.


  • Our experts will help you anticipate, automate, and execute with ease

  • Efficient management of your people, processes, and solutions

  • Competitive IT Operations Management to Optimize your Enterprise


Efficient Service Management

With the growing pressures of the continued mandate to “deliver more with less”, many IT leaders are left struggling to find efficient and effective ways in which to manage their IT infrastructure. Vicom is well versed in the complexity of enterprise IT environments and the heavy demands of IT service delivery on an organization. Let us collaborate with you and help you to evolve your IT processes and procedures innovatively and creatively. Our IT architects are ready to step in and help you meet expectations and increase performance across your organization. Our Service Management solution includes consulting services and solutions to ensure IT services adhere to the ITIL framework. Some of these services include the following:

  • Service Catalog

  • Asset Management & CMDB

  • Incident & Problem Management

  • Change & Release Management


Vicom Enterprise Blackout Manager (vEBM)

Vicom’s Enterprise Blackout Manager ( vEBM 3.0) offers flexible and user-friendly interface to help you efficiently plan and schedule maintenance windows directly OR from Change Management system to suppress false positives into event management systems.


vEBM’s feature rich easy to use Calendar view and Mobile interface let users create/edit/delete maintenance schedules quickly to eliminate non-actionable service tickets during scheduled outages


Manage scheduled outages painlessly with few clicks, eliminate non-actionable service tickets during scheduled outages and enjoy your weekends.


  • Calendar or Mobile view to Add/Edit Schedules

  • Quickly schedule outages for thousands of assets being affected by a global application change.

  • Creation of automated maintenance schedule in Event Management System from your Change Request Management System

  • Collaboration with ITOM and ITSM teams.

  • Add Unlimited one-time or Recurring schedules.

  • Import assets from CMDB and map it event management platform.

  • Secured open Web Services API.

  • Increased operators and maintenance efficiency

  • Improved confidence in Event Management tools with noise reduction

Discover Automation Opportunities

We help you understand how to automate and manage IT systems. Whether your IT staff is shrinking or just staying the same, but has more to do, in order for you to keep pace with the requirements of the business and to be optimized as an IT department, you have to discover what you can automate. We have an entire practice dedicated to helping you meet that goal and ensure that you have the most efficiency in your IT organization's processes. Our comprehensive support includes:


  • Availability and performance management

  • Patch & capacity management

  • Mobile device management

  • Provisioning/self-service catalogs

Managing Information Security

Our experienced IT architects will work with your IT leaders to determine and implement the best Information Security management solution for your IT infrastructure and organization. With our enterprise security solutions, you will have the ability to aggregate, analyze, and take action on consolidated security logs. Some of the core features you can expect from our enterprise Information Security Solutions include:

  • Security Information & Event Management

  • Risk & Compliance Advisory Services (RCA)

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)

  • Threat Management Services (TMS)

  • Data Protection Services (DPS)