Cohesity and Vicom

Hyperconverged secondary storage solutions for your multi-cloud environments

The Challenge of Mass Data Fragmentation

Firms today have to deal with the challenge of Mass Data Fragmentation, which includes fragmentation between your silos, fragmentation within a silo, fragmentation from copies, and fragmentation across your locations.   This fragmentation has grown from the need to have secondary data infrastructure silos in place to provide for all of the different storage environments needed such as backup, archive, files servers, gateways, search and others areas.  


This traditional silo approach is inefficient and expensive, provides for low agility, and can leave a firm exposed to unnecessary risk.  This challenge intensifies with cloud adoption, which most firms are doing at this point, as we all know.  How can you take back control of your secondary storage environment? 

Rethink your Secondary Storage with Cohesity and Vicom

Cohesity brings a new approach to storing and managing your secondary storage with its DataPlatform solutions.   The solution gives you a platform to consolidate your secondary data and apps no matter they sit and provides a central management platform giving you unprecedented control and management. 


Cohesity' s solution, combined with Vicom's long history of data center expertise, provides a storage platform that brings the best of what hyperconverged has to offer and gives you a solution that is integrated, efficient, fast, flexible to accommodate all of your IT needs; is safe and compliant and is open and extensible.   It aggregates data and storage that sits in your data center, your remote offices, and in the cloud for a truly centralized and clean approach to managing your storage environment. 


Your approach to centralizing your secondary storage data can begin with any or all of the following:


Long Term Retention and Archive​


Storage Tiering


Disaster Recovery


Back up to the Cloud

Cloud-Native Backup


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