Virtual Desktop Solutions

Due to the successes achieved in server virtualization, many organizations are looking to desktop virtualization as the next wave of creating flexible and efficient IT infrastructures. VMware’s virtual desktop solutions can increase profitability by driving down cost, reducing risk, and increasing worker productivity.

You can overcome the challenges of endless security patches, operating system fixes and application upgrades with VMware’s enterprise-class desktop virtualization products. By improving management and control of your desktop environment, these solutions offer many advantages over traditional desktop deployment methodologies.

Whether you’re just starting out with desktop virtualization or you’re ready to engage an architect to implement your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), we can help you design a scalable VDI solution that addresses the needs of your target users while retaining your compliance with industry regulations and safeguarding your corporate data.

Vicom is a leader in virtual desktop strategies and methodologies, with a team of architects and consultants focused exclusively on desktop virtualization. We have been using virtual desktops within our own organization for several years, and have worked with customers of every size and business model. Our experience with a diverse set of customers across many industries can help you:

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