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We have partnered with some of the top leaders in their industry, which has allowed us to expand our service and solution offerings to our customers. Our collaborative and diverse technology partner relationships enable us to meet the growing customer demands for Enterprise Technology solutions in today’s increasingly digital world. Check out our extensive listing of partners. If you wanted a single source for enterprise technology, then you've found it.

Strong connections with our technology partners.

Offer financing options as well as competitive prices.

Our technology partners include leading corporations that set industry standards in Enterprise Technology.

Single Source Provider of Enterprise Technology Solutions

Vicom carefully selects its technology partners for their best-in-class solutions and hardware. Our customers receive state-of-the-art solutions that bolster productivity, the fastest time to implementation, lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the highest Return on Investment (ROI) of any competitive provider in the market. Visit our Who We Work With page for more information about the vendors we partner with.

The Vicom Cube

We strive to be the single source of Enterprise Technology purchasing by leveraging these nine uniquely developed skillsets showcased in our Vicom Cube. Take advantage of experts to define the ideal Infrastructure Solutions needed to meet the challenges of today’s complex technology environments efficiently.

Vicom works with one of the largest arrays of technology partners for Enterprise Hardware, Software & Cloud, so that you can source all of your IT needs working only with us.
Explore our Partners further, including these strategic vendors

Strategic Partnerships

We have a broad array of World Class partners across categories such as data center, cloud, storage, network, security, management, client devices, and more. We work with companies all across the world to be a single source provider of enterprise technology for our customers. Vicom is proud to be associated with leading companies that are known for quality and reliability. We believe that the very best solutions require the best technology, including both hardware and software products and services that have been tried and tested.

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Financing Options

We want to empower our customers. We understand that businesses need to transform themselves to meet new and complex technology requirements. As part of the process, we work with our customers to provide dynamic financing offerings. While most industry player's purchasing options remain the same, we work with your organization to provide more competitive pricing upfront, as well as more creative finance options. Through our broad array of partnerships, we have access to a number of financing programs from partners, such as the following and more:

IT Architecture

Our proven IT architects have the art and science of designing and delivering valuable and scalable technology strategies down. They will help you ensure that you are purchasing the right solutions to solve current issues, as well as enable your organization with a forward visionary process, aiding futureproofing efforts across your organization. This process allows you to focus on the right solutions and will save you both time and money. Our IT architects are fluent in the following processes and more:

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Innovation Center

For the past 6+ years, Vicom’s Innovation Center has been a critical resource for our customers to showcase complete infrastructure and software solutions in diverse, real world environments. Once our IT architects have helped you with the right roadmap for your organization and finance it, through our broad array of partnerships, Vicom’s Innovation Center offers a risk-free environment in which to develop, test and validate those solutions to ensure that they will meet the needs of the organization. We want to ensure that when you do deploy the solution, it is deployed perfectly and successfully, and you've not only streamlined your acquisition, but you've also streamlined your operation.

Explore our Innovation Center further, below are just some of the benefits:

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