NetApp Storage Solutions


As a NetApp Platinum Partner for more than 7 years, Vicom understands the impact a virtual infrastructure can have on your overall storage environment. Let Vicom help you optimize your storage solution leveraging best practices refined over hundreds of NetApp implementations.


Vicom is aligned with the top leaders in the storage industry, providing storage architecture, optimization, and strategic consulting services. As a NetApp Platinum Partner, Vicom has a deep relationship with NetApp that we leverage in unique ways when working with organizations. As one of the top NetApp / IBM N Series partners in the region, our knowledge of NetApp technology is second to none.

Vicom was the first NetApp Professional Services Certified partner in the New York metro area, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in NetApp service delivery. Over the past ten years, we have performed hundreds of successful NetApp installations for customers in nearly every industry, utilizing our talented pool of NetApp specialists to educate our clients, architect solutions, and deploy NetApp technology. In addition, our partnerships with Cisco and VMware have enabled us to develop deep skills and expertise in the combined NetApp / VMware / Cisco FlexPod architecture. Our customers can gain hands-on experience with our demonstration setup of this architecture at our Innovation Center.

Advantages to leveraging Vicom’s NetApp experience include:

Other highlights of our strategic partnerships with NetApp include:

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