Lenovo System x Servers

For many organizations x86 servers are the backbone and lifeblood of their server environments and form the core of their business infrastructure. Industry standard servers have dramatically improved the price/performance ratio to levels never thought possible a few years ago. Leading the charge are Lenovo’s System x and BladeCenter Servers, which have changed the way organizations utilize their server environment and deploy critical business applications.

Vicom provides Lenovo solutions to organizations all of sizes—from small to medium to fortune 1000 corporations—as well as educational institutions and state and local governments. Vicom is one of the largest Lenovo BladeCenter Solution Providers in the Northeast and holds the prestigious certification of Specialty Elite in the System x and BladeCenter brand. Our staff of certified System x and BladeCenter specialists can help you architect and engineer your x86 infrastructure according to industry best practices.

Advantages of utilizing Vicom include:

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