VMware Server Virtualization

Today, IT infrastructure organizations are working diligently to solve the problems created by ten plus years of decentralization that occurred with the onset of client-server computing. File and print serving, workgroup-style computing, and three-tiered application stacks have all contributed to server sprawl and application silos in the data center. These trends caused explosive growth in server counts, network complexity and storage capacity.

The list of challenges is daunting, but IT has started to regain the upper hand in the battle against costly, inflexible and disorderly infrastructure. As a first step, IT organizations have generally centralized their IT infrastructure into fewer locations for better visibility. As a second step, they are adopting a new generation of infrastructure technologies and methodologies. The common vision of IT organizations today is to provide their business units with lower cost, higher-service-level infrastructure that enables them to respond more quickly to business demands. Flexible and efficient IT infrastructure has become the goal of nearly every organization, and no company understands this goal better than VMware.

Armed with expert knowledge and proven consolidation methods, our VMware server virtualization specialists are able to assess your IT infrastructure and plan for long-term growth with comprehensive workload analysis tools. Our server virtualization experts collect comprehensive resource utilization data in heterogeneous IT environments, and compare it to industry standard reference data to design a flexible and efficient IT infrastructure that meets your business needs.

Vicom has worked with hundreds of customers across every industry, and has the talent, experience, and industry knowledge to make your server virtualization endeavor a success. By partnering with Vicom and VMware, you can expect:

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