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Vicom knows that every business is unique. That's why our very first step is to meet with you to define your organization's specific goals, challenges, requirements, and desired outcomes. Our Professional Services offer our customers a wide range of experience and expertise to identify common problems and concerns and gives guidance to best meet these.

Receive a consultation and assessment to understand business goals and requirements

Maintenance and support for IT environments to maximize uptime and reduce time to problem resolution

Design and implementation with best in field Vicom engineers and vendor best practices

Commitment to Improving Your Efficiency

Utilizing new products and new age technologies, we make a commitment to help improve your effectiveness and agility for better optimization within your IT infrastructure.

Our Methodology

Vicom has over 30 years of experience delivering consistent and superior services with a repeatable and dependable methodology. We use a five step process that leverages every project and differentiates us from other vendors. Our process includes:


Vicom wants to make sure that we understand your business requirements and goals. We determine the needs of the organization, collecting empirical data about our customer's IT environment with a detailed assessment. Some of the categories included in the assessment are listed below. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for an assessment with our professional services team.

Infrastructure Solutions

Vicom has created nine uniquely developed skillsets to define the ideal infrastructure solutions to meet your challenges. We call this the Vicom Cube. Included within this cube are:

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Customer Focused

We align your unique IT needs and Business outcomes.

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Vicom provides a roadmap as well as architecture workshops to help meet current customer needs and identify future needs. Our workshops provide the high level strategic knowledge to keep your employees up to date with technology, trends, and directions.

Project Management

Vicom has long engaged its own internal project management office to help ensure the success of our IT projects. Many of our clients have utilized our PMI/ITIL certified project managers, to ensure projects remain on track, tasks are moving towards completion, and everyone involved is kept accountable. Our services also include:


Vicom understands that in today's fast paced environment, organizations want effective ways to bring on talent and personnel.Our Staffing services help to acquire the correct talent to optimize time, resources, and costs.Our Staffing services include:

Data Center Solutions

Vicom has partnered with Bruns-Pak to provide our clients with a more robust and agile solution for their data centers and hybrid infrastructures. Our unified teams offer implementation plans that are energy efficient, flexible, resilient, scalable and recoverable. Our extensive Data Center Solutions are focused on 4 core categories:

Access Our Technical Expertise

Let our team of experts plan, deploy, and manage your infrastructure and outcomes.

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