Vicom has been a VMware partner since 2002, and is currently a VMware VIP Premier Partner (the highest partnership level attainable). Over the years, Vicom has received numerous awards and accolades from VMware, including VMware Northeast Partner of the Year and Market Maker Award. Vicom has co-chaired VMware’s Worldwide Advisory Council, meaning that Vicom has direct input to help shape VMware’s direction for the worldwide partner community

Vicom represents the entire VMware solution portfolio, with a team of talented sales, presales, and engineers who are skilled and focused on VMware solutions. As an infrastructure partner Vicom has a holistic understanding of the entire data center environment, including the servers, storage, networks, and software.

We have helped hundreds of customers architect, implement, and optimize VMware solutions in various types of technology environments. Our extensive experience, deep engineering bench, and unparalleled commitment to VMware allow us to service clients like no other VMware partner in the New York metro area.

Highlights of our strategic partnership with VMware include:

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