Technology Training

In the highly competitive IT industry, a commitment to continuous technology training is the only way to acquire the proficiency required to maintain an edge. Many organizations invest in technology, but few take the extra steps necessary to ensure that the people managing the IT environment possess the skills and knowledge to effectively leverage their investments.

Vicom is committed to helping our clients train their technical staff using the methodology and delivery mechanism most suited to their particular environment. We have been providing on-site skills transfer and technology training to our customers for many years. At the request of our customers, Vicom recently provided another training venue by opening a state-of-the-art Technology Training Center. Our Technology Training Center was designed specifically to offer our customers the hands-on training needed to stay current on new technologies and environments. It is equipped with 12 thin client work stations that are optimized for targeted technology training in a classroom-style setting.

Recent examples of customer training conducted at our Technology Training Center include:

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