On Demand Managed Services

Vicom’s On Demand offerings serve as a method of providing high-level IT support as needed, through structured hours and SLA’s that are specific to the organization. Many organizations require only a bank of services hours to be drawn upon as needed for help with a specific SLA. Others require a defined number of hours per month with a priority SLA, where the organization would handle level 1 support in hours, and utilize Vicom’s resources for level 2 and 3 support when needed. Vicom can also provide Gap services, in which we engage to visit onsite on a regularly-scheduled, predefined basis to perform firmware updates, OS updates, or updates to specific software applications. These services are scheduled well in advance to allow for the appropriate planning needed to accommodate whatever upgrades are necessary.

Vicom offers flexible options to support, manage and administer IT environments that allow for key personnel to focus upon strategic business initiatives. Contact Vicom today to Learn more!

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