Real World Testing in a Risk-Free Environment

The pressure to reduce the costs and risks associated with deploying new technology solutions and within aggressive timeframes are making it more and more challenging for IT leaders to implement solutions that align with business requirements. We developed our Innovation center as a response to the issues our clients are facing. The Innovation Center is an environment that is continually refreshed with the latest technology to give our customers state of the art choices and real world testing within simulation environments.

A risk-free environment to develop and test technologies

Highly trained and certified architects and engineers

The Innovation Center is stocked with the latest technologies and solutions

Vicom’s Innovation Center is one of the most comprehensive IT briefing, testing, and demo centers in the New York Metro Area. We offer a risk-free environment in which our customers can explore the latest enterprise IT trends and emerging technologies. The Innovation Center is a place to develop, test and validate solutions to ensure that they will meet the needs of the organization. Constantly refreshed with the latest technology, Vicom has invested over $2M in the latest technologies and solutions. The Innovation Center is staffed with architects, engineers, and presenters to allow for the design and testing of virtually any technology or solution.

For the past 6+ years, the Innovation Center has been a critical resource for our customers to showcase complete infrastructure and software solutions in diverse, real world environments.

Customer Focused

We align your unique IT needs And Business outcomes.

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Innovation Center Specialties

Product/Solution Briefings

Learn about the latest infrastructure solutions in an environment that allows for products and solutions to be demonstrated and viewed while being presented. This allows our customers to not only learn about products and solutions but see them perform in real world IT environments, customized as closely as possible to match their own.

Proof of Concept

Our staff of engineers can help test and validate solutions before your organization commits to a full scale implementation. This allows you to experience live how the proposed solution will perform before incurring the full risk, and costs, of implementing the project.

Technical University

We utilize our Innovation Center to provide our customers with a center for training and knowledge transfer of solutions implemented. Our Innovation Center has the latest technology on-site, continually updated and refreshed, as well as the most advanced presentation capabilities available.

Porting and Migration Lab

Our Lab can be utilized to test and validate ported code from HP-UX/Solaris to IBM AIX, Linux or Windows. We have also has partnered with some of the top migration firms and consultants in the industry to give you the best advice, most options and greatest freedom when determining which operating systems will meet the current and future needs of your enterprise.

Architecture “Whiteboard” Workshops

We have been serving enterprises since 1982 and has implemented thousands of mission critical infrastructure solutions. This vast experience, as well as our constant training and knowledge of best practices in the industry, has given us the ability to effectively architect infrastructure solutions for virtually any requirement. We have a staff of certified infrastructure architects and engineers who conduct “Architecture Workshops” to assist our customers with their IT architecture needs whether for a single project or for the entire enterprise.

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