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We have assembled a number of insightful Cognitive Systems assets to give you a quick snapshot of their unique advantages and cost economies. Start your cognitive business journey by learning more about Power Systems that support cognitive workloads. If you have any questions about these Power Systems or cognitive solutions or would like an estimate, please complete the form below.

POWER8 Facts and Features

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Access this specifications report to learn more about the facts and features of POWER8: Enterprise and Scale-out Systems with POWER8 Processor Technology.


SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

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IBM and SAP are offering their customers the ability to run SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems. HANA on Power represents a smarter way to run an in-memory database, as Power provides a faster and more powerful infrastructure, helping customers capitalize on benefits they already get from HANA. Access this solution brief to learn more about a combined offering that supports faster transactions, better data management, openness and innovation.

Solution Brief

IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data

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The IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data. Linux server design built on open standards and incorporating accelerators to meet the big data workloads. Access this data sheet for more information about this storage-rich, high- data- throughput server for data-intensive workloads.

Data Sheet

IBM Power systems

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The latest generation of IBM Power Systems, with POWER8 technology, is the first family of systems built with innovations that transform the power of big data and analytics, mobile, and cloud into competitive advantages in ways never before possible, putting data to work for you. Access this brochure for more on scale-out systems that put data to work.


IBM’s OpenPOWER LC server designer

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IBM’s OpenPOWER LC servers provide unmatched price-performance for next-gen applications. With IBM's OpenPOWER LC server designer you can customize a server based on your workload, select the components you need to get more from the apps you have, and choose from configurations that scale for your next-generation apps. Access it to design your server today.

Server Designer

IBM PurePower Systems

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IBM PurePower expertly combines compute, storage, and networking resources with a common set of software tools to easily provision and manage the system, eliminating the need to cable, configure, and test the system yourself. Access this infographic to explore the five benefits of our one-button approach: deploy in hours, open choice, one stop support, expertly integrated and greater flexibility.


IBM Power Systems Performance Report

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This document report contains the performance and benchmark results for IBM servers and workstations running the UNIX (AIX),IBM i and Linux OS. Access this performance report for more information.

Performance Report

POWER8 Processor-based Servers

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Powerful forces—mobile, cloud and big data & analytics—are redefining how business gets done. Leaders are leveraging these forces to deepen relationships with customers and partners, drive new efficiencies and expand business models. Access this quick reference guide about POWER8Ò Processor-based Servers.

Quick Reference Guide

IBM Data Engine for Analytics

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This solution brief explains how the IBM Data Engine for Analytics is a customizable infrastructure solution with integrated software optimized for big data and analytics workloads and how It integrates infrastructure services to help simplify supporting and managing multitenant workloads.

Data Sheet

POWER8 cost savings estimator

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What does the POWER8 Cost Savings Estimator do? In minutes, the cost savings estimator provides you with a high level analysis of your current IT environment and compares it to a POWER8 solution, showing you the compelling financial benefits. With this estimator, you will see: * A 3 to 5 year cost comparison between POWER8 and * Previous generations of Power servers * Commodity x86-based servers * Savings on hardware and software maintenance, labor, and facility costs * Cost reduction estimates as a result of consolidation onto POWER8 Access your analysis now to see how you can improve the ability of your data center to deliver more value and the highest level of performance with fewer resources.


ITIC 2016 Global Server Hardware, Server OS

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The ITIC Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Survey concluded that infrastructure reliability is more essential than ever. Access the report for more information.

Reliability Report

IBM PureData System

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IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics is an expert integrated data system designed and optimized specifically for the demands of an operational analytics workload. Access this operational analytics overview for more information.

Operational Analytics

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