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From the cloud to the data center to staffing, Vicom can cover your entire organization’s IT infrastructure needs.

“In the past year, we’ve seen about a 25% increase in systems availability and 25% reduction in emergency changes.”

- John Morgan, Director of IT Capacity Planning at Horizon BCBS


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We partner with the leading names in data center hardware, software, cloud, security, management and more to provide our customers with the best in new technologies.


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Explore the insights and expertise of the Vicom staff on industry topics such as IT trends, enterprise management, security, technology, and more.


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Explore the many award-winning facets that have contributed to our 30+ years of IT Solutions Excellence.


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Discover what’s in your Environment no matter where it is

Dec. 12, 2017 at 1pm EST

The need to accelerate and innovate puts pressure on lines of business to allocate budget for infrastructure resources with limited understanding of their...

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On the Fence About Hybrid Cloud See if it’s right for you

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Let Vicom help you optimize IT Transformation using the ideal mix of existing technologies & the Cloud Get the facts about Capacity Expansion, Back-up...

IT Operations: Keeping Pace with Business Challenges

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With ever-increasing business demand for growth, productivity, and security, IT Operations is presented with lots of challenges. The shifting technology...