IT Simplification (Or Don’t Overlook Process)

by Andy Jonak

This month I want to talk about a topic that I have no doubt will elicit a big sigh from many of you. It's about IT process. Yawn, right? But not so fast; hear me out. Within IT, it's the technology that gets all the notice. But it's how that technology is used is where the magic comes in. And that, my friends, is all about the processes around that technology that are used to ensure success. How so, you…

It’s All About The Data

by Andy Jonak

The past few weeks I've been thinking about data. Where's he going with this, you ask? I've had the opportunity to see a lot of customers over the past 3-4 weeks and as well as attended IBM interConnect 2017 in Las Vegas. This all reminded me more and more about data. How to access it, how to protect it, who is using it, how to use it as an advantage, and what happens when you don't have it. What does…

To CDM or not to CDM?

by Andy Jonak

One of the areas that we are seeing becoming increasingly relevant within the enterprises we work with is the concept of Copy Data Management (CDM). It's a very simple concept but an extremely powerful one. It's all about the control and management of all those copies you make on your storage systems. It makes logical (pun intended) sense as the next area of management to help control "sprawl". We've seen many of these types of initiatives to help control sprawl…

Make sure your Staffing Firms know more than just Staffing

by Andy Jonak

I’ve written about Staffing firms throughout the years. I’ve talked about how important they are, how they often get a bad rap (particularly within the IT world) and what firms should look for when they are choosing a Staffing firm for their IT needs. This month, I want to talk about that a bit more. Really, Andy? More about IT staffing? Absolutely, especially since I am a bit biased on the topic (I oversee an IT Staffing organization as part…

New Trends in the Evolution of Data Analytics

by Gil Rolon

Trends that Are Changing the Face of Data Analytics Data analytics are evolving beyond the capabilities of hard drive storage. Analytics trends include prescriptive, cognitive, real-time, and security analytics. The C-suite recognizes that data analytics are the key to making profitable business decisions. KPMG’s 2016 CEO Outlook Survey found that data and analytics are one of the top 3 priorities for the next 3 years. IDG discovered the number of companies that have conducted data-driven projects had increased 125%. As…

Finding a New Answer to Data Center Sprawl

by Vicom Team

The growing quality, amount, and variety of data continues to challenge the capacity of data centers. Trends like increased mobile use and the Internet of Things are driving data traffic. Every transaction a customer makes on a smartphone generates data. Every sensor on a device in your home or in your city’s infrastructure generates data. All of this data means something. For this data to be put to use, it needs to be stored somewhere. As a result, IT leaders…

How to Leverage Open Technologies with Linux on Power

by Ken Gullo

Implementing Linux on Power is the first step to joining the open source community that collaborates on developing hardware and software innovations. What if your business could be part of an exclusive think tank made up of the top technology experts and software developers? As a member of this group, you could move to the forefront of IT innovation by accessing the latest applications. This goal can be your reality if you implement Linux running on IBM Power Systems. By…

What’s Next

by Andy Jonak

As we approach the midway point of 2016, have you given thought to what's next? And I don't mean in a grand, science fiction, sort of way, I mean what's next for IT and for technology as it pertains to you and your organization. Not a technical discussion, but a focus on why it's so important figure out. We all work to keep our organization's IT environments not just up and running, but as efficient as possible. It's this efficiency…
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3 Things You Should Know When Moving Linux to Power

by Ken Gullo

If you are still running Linux on x86 servers, it might be time to consider a move to Power. Some IT leaders hesitate to make the move because they are under the impression that Power is more expensive than x86 servers. Others are concerned about having to retrain staff and recode applications. Not only is the cost of Power comparable to x86, but the boost in performance guarantees a greater return on investment. According to an IDC study, moving to…
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A CFO’s Wish List for Modern Applications Architecture

by Vicom Team

As a CFO, you need to be able to manage risk by processing financial data streaming in from all parts of the business. The volume of data inundating your business can be too much for a person to handle, particularly at the speed that is required to make practical use of insights. The Power of Real-time Insights If one of your business processes has become so costly that it is eating into your profits, you may be unaware of the…