IT Simplification (Or Don’t Overlook Process)

by Andy Jonak

This month I want to talk about a topic that I have no doubt will elicit a big sigh from many of you. It's about IT process. Yawn, right? But not so fast; hear me out. Within IT, it's the technology that gets all the notice. But it's how that technology is used is where the magic comes in. And that, my friends, is all about the processes around that technology that are used to ensure success. How so, you…

New Trends in the Evolution of Data Analytics

by Gil Rolon

Trends that Are Changing the Face of Data Analytics Data analytics are evolving beyond the capabilities of hard drive storage. Analytics trends include prescriptive, cognitive, real-time, and security analytics. The C-suite recognizes that data analytics are the key to making profitable business decisions. KPMG’s 2016 CEO Outlook Survey found that data and analytics are one of the top 3 priorities for the next 3 years. IDG discovered the number of companies that have conducted data-driven projects had increased 125%. As…

Finding a New Answer to Data Center Sprawl

by Vicom Team

The growing quality, amount, and variety of data continues to challenge the capacity of data centers. Trends like increased mobile use and the Internet of Things are driving data traffic. Every transaction a customer makes on a smartphone generates data. Every sensor on a device in your home or in your city’s infrastructure generates data. All of this data means something. For this data to be put to use, it needs to be stored somewhere. As a result, IT leaders…