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Don’t Overlook the Day to Day

by Andy Jonak

Throughout the years I've talked about what's new, what we see our customers doing and embracing, and the trends we see when it comes to IT is used. To be sure, this is exciting stuff and I will continue to talk about it in detail. These "exciting" things are what will propel IT into the future by finding new ways to doing things and helping to drive "business value"—whatever "business value" is determined to be for that specific organization. I…

2016 Year in Review

by Andy Jonak

2016 has been an interesting year in regards to IT. Money was spent on IT in predictable areas, but the year itself felt a bit differently than previous years. In what ways? As always, organizations are spending money on their IT needs, but they are being much more prudent about it. And frankly, I don't blame them. 2016 was a year of making sure that money was cautiously spent and when it was spent, ensuring that value was realized on…

Make sure your Staffing Firms know more than just Staffing

by Andy Jonak

I’ve written about Staffing firms throughout the years. I’ve talked about how important they are, how they often get a bad rap (particularly within the IT world) and what firms should look for when they are choosing a Staffing firm for their IT needs. This month, I want to talk about that a bit more. Really, Andy? More about IT staffing? Absolutely, especially since I am a bit biased on the topic (I oversee an IT Staffing organization as part…

Where have Others done it before?

by Andy Jonak

I am constantly out talking with different organizations and our customers about their business issues and IT challenges, as well as the IT trends we see happening. It is our hope that this helps to give them some clarity when it comes to their own IT environments. And we can all use some clarity (see older post on that here). We all know our industry is so dynamic where things are constantly changing and I've made the argument in other…

What is the Value of IT?

by Andy Jonak

IT provides a lot of value to the organizations it serves. We all know that; we see and live it each and every day. Most of the organizations we work with could not function effectively without what IT provides. That includes hardware, software, services, and resources. It's so integral in so many aspects that it's hard to image it not existing within organizations. But yet, are we truly more productive as organizations (generally) and individuals (debatable) because of IT? That…

It’s Never as Good as You Think it is

by Andy Jonak

Our world of IT is dynamic, complex, always changing and convoluted. And that's just what happened today. In all seriousness, I believe one of the reasons we all chose the IT profession (in whatever capacity we are in), is actually because of those reasons. People that are looking for uneventful days or careers generally don't choose IT. Nor would I recommend it to them. So much changes in what we do: new technologies to be evaluated and implemented quickly, many…

Staffing is so much more than just Staffing

by Andy Jonak

IT staffing firms are often harshly criticized. Some of it is deserved, but much of it is not. staffing firms provide a very valuable service to their customers (see my post: Why Staffing Firms are Critical, back from September 2015) with the consultants and resources they provide. Many of our customers would not be as efficient in what they do in IT without these valuable firms. So why the bad rap I mention above? I strongly believe that it has…

What’s Next

by Andy Jonak

As we approach the midway point of 2016, have you given thought to what's next? And I don't mean in a grand, science fiction, sort of way, I mean what's next for IT and for technology as it pertains to you and your organization. Not a technical discussion, but a focus on why it's so important figure out. We all work to keep our organization's IT environments not just up and running, but as efficient as possible. It's this efficiency…
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Status of the Cloud

Public, Private or Hybrid

by Andy Jonak

It's been a while since I talked about the cloud, so I think it's in need of a revisit. I know that at times talking about the cloud is like talking about air, pun intended, since that's where actual clouds live. It's just there all the time and has become so pervasive (or so it seems) that why talk about it again? Well there's still lots of organizations that are trying to figure out their strategy around the cloud. To…

2015 List of CRN Tech Elite 250

Annual list recognizes IT solution providers

by Vicom Press Release

Vicom Computer Services, Inc. today announced it has been named to The Channel Company’s CRN® Tech Elite 250. This annual list recognizes an elite group of IT solution providers that have invested in the training and education needed to earn the most advanced technical certifications from leading vendors. In compiling the list, The Channel Company’s research group and CRN editors collaborated to assess the most customer-beneficial technical certifications in the IT channel. These technical certifications—from vendors including Cisco, Citrix, Dell,…