Architect IT Outcomes

Our Team of Experts Specialize in IT Architecture

Create a foundation for your business. Vicom's seasoned IT architects can help your organization to design, implement, and manage a solid foundation for your data center and IT infrastructure with hardware and software solutions from the leaders in Enterprise Technology.

Provide technical leadership, addressing every aspect of your design.

Communicate with you and your stakeholders as we direct and implement your design.

Manage the methodological and qualitative aspects of the development and implementation process.

A Leader in Architecting IT Outcomes

We offer a full suite of IT Architecture services. Because while we know most organizations have their own internal IT experts, data centers and enterprise technologies are very complex. It is hard to be an proficient in every part of the process, and for this reason, organizations choose to work with a third party expert like Vicom and our seasoned architects. We have 98 world class partnerships across the universe of enterprise technology solution providers and we help you to assess, design, plan, implement, and manage your infrastructure in the most efficient and effective way to ensure the outcomes you desire.


Our IT architects provide comprehensive assessments of both IT infrastructure and IT operations. Our IT infrastructure assessments evaluate all major infrastructure components. The IT operations assessment evaluates critical operational areas such as IT strategic planning, IT staffing, IT operational processes, IT governance, IT partner management and IT support. Each assessment is tailored to fit your specific requirements, leveraging nine uniquely developed skill sets showcased in our Vicom Cube. Learn more about the Vicom Cube here. Below are some of those skill set categories.

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We help you to design the most ideal infrastructure solution, leveraging our 98 world class partnerships. A well designed backbone infrastructure will provide the appropriate pathways, spaces, facilities, and technologies to allow for easy changes and provide for growth, utilizing the existing Infrastructure as the underlying resource for any required modifications. Our goal is to design an adaptable physical infrastructure maximizing the effective space utilization of all of your Technology areas within the facility to accommodate today's ever changing needs as well as the demands for future expansion or reconfiguration of your facilities using Vicom's sound IT Infrastructure design & planning principles.


We help you to plan everything out, in terms of you how you are going to implement it so that your organization experiences the least amount of downtime, with the least associated costs. Based on the recommendations of the assessment, our IT architects will design a flexible, efficient IT infrastructure that is both customized to your business requirements and representative of new age technologies and industry trends. The process begins with an architectural design and bill of materials, and transitions through the services scoping process, with a letter of understanding, statement of work, and finally a project plan. By the end of this phase, you will have a clear understanding of the proposed design, how it would impact business, steps required to get the project completed, and costs.

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We help you to implement your IT solutions flawlessly. Vicom's IT experts continually strive to be the best in their field, receiving the same training as deployment engineers from the various technology partners. We deploy our solutions according to vendor best practices, with the added benefits of real-world experience with multi-vendor solutions and hands-on experience in matching deployment strategies to individual client scenarios. Project management is critical to successful deployment, as is following our documented best practices methodologies. For any project of significant scope, we assign a Project Manager as the client’s primary point-of-contact during the engagement. In addition, with a wide and deep bench of engineering talent, Vicom engineers always have access to experts in any technology area that we encounter during client deployments.


We help you manage your solutions to ensure that the goals and objectives within your IT department and organization are always met. Vicom partners with the best technology vendors in the industry to assist you in determining the right management strategy to quickly respond to changing demands. This process will free up your internal IT resources for higher-value business support and allow you to put IT budget dollars toward efforts that advance your business. As Cloud and other management solutions become mainstream, they enable organizations to extend services, solutions, and information to more people. Let our IT architects work with you to develop a cloud or management solution that aligns with your business strategies, leverages your existing technologies, and allows your company to benefit most.

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