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Let Vicom help you optimize IT transformation using
the ideal mix of existing technologies & the Cloud

30+ Years of IT Solutions Excellence

Established in 1982, Vicom is a leading information technology consulting firm servicing the Fortune 1000, state and local governments, and emerging mid-market organizations. As a provider in the information technology industry, Vicom offers solutions that enable our customers to operate more efficiently and effectively in today's ultra-competitive environment.

IT Operations

We provide IT solutions to Medium and Enterprise businesses that enable you to increase the speed of your business and prepare for the demands of growth, productivity, and security. We work with industry leaders such as IBM to offer service management solutions that will enhance your business initiatives. Let our experts maximize confidence between your IT operations and service management teams with better IT insights. Click the video to learn more.

For Complex IT Environments

We have Infrastructure Solutions to improve efficiency across all aspects of IT infrastructure and processes. Vicom has developed skills in nine unique areas of discipline to offer our customers the ideal solutions to meet the challenges of complex technology environments. We call this the Vicom Cube – capabilities that focus on the beating heart of your business.

To Add Flexibility for Faster Response

We have Cloud Solutions that will enable your business to extend services, solutions, and information to more people. Vicom works with you to develop cloud computing solutions that align with your business strategies and leverage your existing technologies. We help you discover how the cloud computing puzzle fits together with your business and its needs.

For Better Visibility into IT Operations

We have Enterprise Management Solutions that enable your business to extend both the scope and work flow across your IT infrastructure. Vicom’s Enterprise Management Solutions are geared towards helping you improve business processes and gain better visibility into the overall IT Operations. We work with you on identifying the right technology to solve your business challenges.



To Improve Your IT Efficiency

We have Professional Services that are designed to help you meet your IT organization’s specific goals, challenges, requirements, and IT outcomes overall. For over three decades, we’ve worked with our clients to help determine what solutions and services are right for your business by seeking new products and new age technologies to help improve your IT efficiency.

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On the Fence About Hybrid Cloud? See if it’s Right for You

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